Memorial Day

I wanted to get out and do a little ride so I figured I would do Shaffer Farms which I haven't been to in about a year or so. I decided to ride the SS there since It would be one of the last rides on the front suspension fork I had borrowed for the 12 Hours of Lodi race. So I get to the lot thinking I would do the Holyes Mill conector to Black Hills park then come back around to Schaffer to finish up. In the Parking lot I ran into Roger Massi and I talked to him for a bit. He was riding with Chris who he was competing with in the Mohician 100 the following week in OH. So I said I would ride with these guys. I knew they were faster then me. It took about 3 miles for me to figure out that these guys were just too fast for me after doing two big rides down in the GW forest the previous days. So I finally told them at a turn to go ahead. I then got stuck doing like 2 more loops on the white trail before getting over to the Yellow trail. When I do Shaffer I try and hit all the trails there. The one trail that always gives me trouble is the Red dead end loop. This time with the grasses being so high when I got out of there I have never been soo itchy! I actually got hives from the grasses slapping my legs and arms. That trail needs one of those brush mowers to make a 3 foot path so you are not touching the grasses all the time. After that I worked my way back to the car, and about 2 minutes after I left the skies opened up and a huge down pour came so I guess I timed that perfectly.

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KMAX said...

Sorry dude, if I'd made it off the couch that day I'd have been there with you. Next time.