Mountain bike Ride with DCMTB

Since most of our members live in DC or the surrounding burbs we have to get out there to ride mountain bikes. We were able to get the whole expert team for Big Bear together and others who were doing the 24 hours of Big Bear or who wanted to ride Iceberg with those that had gone before. I got a ride up with new team member Tyler and Alex who had done the 12 hour of Lodi with. This was the biggest DCMTB ride I have done, Kevin and Leland were came up and Kent, and Paula, there was Tyler, Alex, myself, and Jonathan and Mike K.

We went up the Sand Flats route which worked out pretty good, I hadn't been up that way in a bit cause usually we come down that on the way back to Hamburg Rd. We hit Skink to get to Gambril road and that was challenging and once we got out there we then went to Iceberg. The trail is pretty good to challenge yourself on. I rode it allot better on my own bike compared to how I did in the winter with Mike's bike. We then went down to the Pit one of my favorite trails in the shed. Then we came back up Gambril Rd. and I took Jonathan and Alex back via Fisher Creek where we got back to the cars the hard way.
Mike K and the others came back via Gambril Rd. Most of the crew then got some pizza afterwards. Was a great day on the trail with the team.

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