Road Ride with DCMTB

Got out on Saturday for a road ride with some DCMTB folks. I had not done a ride with people since the February ride before the Team Party. I had some issues with start location, I think the issue was that I went up too far on Piney Branch road.
The ride consisted of Marc, Michael, Sarah, Mark, Raul, John and myself. The 10am ride ended up riding with us for a bit, and then we went all the way to the top of Rock Creek to give us some distance from the other group. Once we got into Maryland Raul was starting to go on the hills and I was chasing him around. I think I took a strong pull and the group became John, Marc, Raul and myself. I think Raul sat up to ride with Mark the rest of the time. That left Marc, John, some Pedal and Spoke guy and myself. I went pretty strong up a hill on river road, and that split us up and I think John came around me and was like,"Marc has fallen back lets give this a little stick". So we were drilling it and Marc was about even, not gainning on us, but then we got to the Falls rd. stoplight. I then gave Marc a pull for Falls rd. On MacArthur I just sucked Marc's wheel since he was pushing 26-27mph in his aero bars(getting ready for the church creek TT) The ride ended with me doing a 60+ ride with a avg of 20.4 so was a fast day indeed.

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