Wednesday at Wakefield #1 2009

Short write up about the race, I have done these races for years, they are a good scene and you get to see allot of people out there. I decided to race Single Speed, because after doing two years of expert where I raced in the bottom 1/4 of the field I wouldn't be racing anyone my 3rd and 4th laps. I wasn't sure if I had the right gear but I went with a 32x18 on a 29er with 2.55 tires. I had done the course at one point last fall on my rigid SS so I thought I would be ok.
The start of the race has the famous gravel hill, I am usually pretty good with starts of races and this was no different, I was on the wheel of my teammate Alex and I think we were in like 4/5th place. I was riding fine with him, and once we got to the doubletrack Evan Ellicot came flying up and passed us doing like 160 rmps on the cranks. I was with Alex the rest of the lap until the creek where I bobbled it and lost 2-3 spots. I then worked my way back to Larry Camp and followed him for like 1/2 a lap then got around him. The only upsetting thing for the race was bobbling the last Climb on a root and having someone pass me there to loose a spot. I did achieve my goal of a top 10 finish, and it was close with around 10seconds seperating 6-10th place. Alex did a good job getting 6th. I was thinking that I should be able to improve on this in the future W@W races. DCMTB had good showing with Alex and I, Joel got 1st Clydesdale, Lynne got first in Female expert, Kent got 2nd 35+, Chris got 2nd 45+ Brain-I mean Brian(thanks Joel) got 5th 35+ and Tom Managed a mid pack finish in the Expert class.

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gwadzilla said...

it would not be a DARREN POST without some unintentional humor!


BRAIN GOT 5th in 35 Plus!